Aqualab Aquaria – Digital Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Automation, SEO-SEM, Paid Ads

Aqualab Aquaria – Digital Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Automation, SEO-SEM, Paid Ads

At Aqualab Aquaria Inc., I served as the Senior Digital Marketing Manager. I reported to the VP of Marketing and CEO, and was responsible for a range of activities, including SEO and SEM, Marketing Automation, Demand and Lead Generation, Paid Ads, Email Marketing, and Digital Marketing Campaigns.

To ensure that we remained competitive, I used the latest SEO best practices based on algorithm changes, and implemented cutting-edge, contextual, and semantic SEO-based content optimization in Shopify. My efforts helped us peel away market share from established, local geo-centric competitors in this crowded retail niche.

Additionally, I expertly managed our Facebook paid search campaign, targeting geo-centric and niche-oriented demographics. I also co-managed our email marketing campaign using Mailchimp and Shopify, creating sales-oriented content and rolling out campaigns at trending niche markets.

I created optimized landing pages that helped us increase paid search and email marketing conversion rates, and by tracking and managing all facets of local, on and off-page SEO, I also increased web traffic, conversions, page rankings, and revenues. I performed and owned SEO Audits, which I presented to executives and business owners in easy-to-understand plans. Our SEO and paid search campaigns achieved double-digit growth in site traffic, click-throughs, conversion rates, and revenues.

Finally, I wrote a comprehensive marketing plan, both for our online store and our brick and mortar retail operation. I identified user personas, top marketing opportunities, and trending content areas, and recommended practices and strategies to achieve maximum ROI.