Wireframes & Mockups – Liveworld Social Forums

Wireframes & Mockups – Liveworld Social Forums

At Liveworld Social Forum, I worked as a Front End Web Developer and Content Producer, focusing on User Interface and User Experience. I coded HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Java.

Following up on meetings with business owners, I conceived and produced wireframe diagrams that visually explained how new apps that were being proposed for the website were going to work, prior to their actual construction and deployment. This helped save time and effort, enabling new interactive resources to be visually shared and perfected by the team before being coded.

In addition to designing wireframes, my responsibilities on this team included deploying custom-built J2EE websites from the command line and using advanced CSS techniques to hand code and skin a complex social media UI on top of a large Java / J2EE stack.

Additionally, I hand-coded JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and inline Java on top of the Jive / Webwork framework. I worked closely with the Project Manager, as well as with the VP and Director of Engineering as part of this agency’s in-house design and development team.

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